White spherical UFO above San Jose, California

On March 13, 2014, during dawn, a luminous white orb is appeared over San Jose, California. Witness has given a long description of this phenomenon on MUFON website…

Witness reports:

It was predawn and I had just awoken to start my day. I went outside to smoke a cig when I noticed a star like object that appeared to be close to earth with flashing lights of red and blue. I thought it was a helicopter just paused in the sky. I called my honey to come look at it. He asked me to get the binoculars. He looked at and saw a round object that to him appeared to be moving slightly back and forth while remaining in the same place. I looked in binoculars and saw a round capsule fuzzy object that appeared to be vertical with a titling motion right & left, kind of rocking back and forth. I was still not able to clearly see what it was. I went to get the cell phone camera and zoomed in on the star like object and took a few pix. My honey watched it with the binoculars. The sun had risen more and the sky was beginning to lighten. Just when the sky was fully lit with daylight an airplane was coming to land at the local airport. We watched as the plane appeared to pass right underneath it with no visible reaction. As we commented to each other wow, the plane did not seem to see that, the airplane had like a warping happening, like the back end of the airplane was fishtailing. We could clearing see this, but could tell by the planes continuation that it did not appear to have actually affected the plane. That was wild! As the sun lit up the sky more, it seemed to lighten the object, like white sunlight was reflecting on it. There were no more flashing lights. We observed it for a few more minutes and then it began moving at a slow steady pace, at same altitude, away from us, seeming to rise slightly as it moved away, then it just faded away like it had gone too far for us to see any longer. It was exciting at first to wonder what it was. My honey ushered us into the house and locked the door behind us. He was in shock about it all like I was. I hooked up the computer and downloaded the pix off my cell phone. The pix are what made me become disturbed. Some of the pix were taken one after the other and in them; the object is in a different direction each time. One pix specifically the item is not a star like object at all, but when I was taking the pix it never changed shape that I could tell, and when I enlarged the pix there was a round object with shadows and spaces that was NOT what I had seen while taking the pix. We were both a bit freaked out then; I began to shake and felt sick to my stomach. I posted the creepy pix to my FB and basically said this is what I saw this morning; don't know what it is but there you have it. We didn't discuss it after that and did not speak with anyone about it. We have not discussed it again until now while I am writing this. The warping or fishtailing of the airplane still strikes us as bizarre. We find ourselves watching the sky and reading UFO articles now which we never did before. A few weeks later I captured another photo of a thick, dark, oblong appeared to be a cloud object floating over a different part of the city. I'll submit that photo in another recap.