Giant UFO filmed over Lima, Peru

On April 12, 2014, during the night, a giant unidentified flying object is appeared above Lima, in Peru. This UFO was constituted of several and aligned white lights. It moved slowly or glided. What is it?

Witness reports:

Well, I am not quite sure that is an accurate description. At first glance, the object is interesting, showing a very dark object with a string of multiple lights running horizontally across the front.

You can hear the sounds of the city below and get some quick shots of the activity. An overlay on the video tells you an anonymous girl took the video, and bless her heart, you can tell that she was not real experienced.

Ironically, the video has already received well over 25, 000 views and a number of comments, ranging anywhere from 'cool,' to 'blimp.' At first, the video was next to impossible to watch because it was so jerky. I managed to take some of it out.