Black UFO over London on April 28

Monday, April 28, 2014 at 1:30 P.M., a curious black UFO is appeared above North London (England). According to him, object turned on itself when it moved. Witness has posted his photos on Facebook.

Witness reports:

I captured this object a couple of streets away from where I live. The object appeared black in colour and was rotating as it moved along. I captured nearly 5 minutes of video before I lost sight of it floating in the direction of Highbury & Islington. I'm not sure what this object is. I thought it was a balloon, but there appears to be a light on it. I put together this collage of stills grabbed from the video. I guesstimate the object to be 1/2 a mile away and possibly 500-1000 foot high. I'll upload the video to YT as soon as I finish processing it. I would like some feedback on this. Thanks.