A diamond-shaped UFO appears over Brunswick, Ohio

On April 11, 2014, in Brunswick (Ohio, United-States), at least two persons have spotted a diamond-shaped UFO in the sky. In this testimony, witnesses have explained that object was silent and transparent. Moreover, it has four rings at tips…

Witness reports:

My wife and I were out back sitting in our hot tub, we were in the tub for 10 minutes or so relaxing and my wife sees a red shooting star over the eastern horizon. I did not see it, but I am a big astronomy buff and we were discussing that we were happy we can see the stars more clearly and couldn’t wait for a meteor shower so that we could watch from our backyard, which is pretty void of too much light pollution.

As we were talking, my wife and I saw a satellite very faintly in the eastern portion of almost directly above us and we talked again about how it was nice to not have too much light out by us. at that point, she was trying to look to see where the moon was and commented how clear it was (there was a slight haze to the northeast, not anything significant), to which I said, the moon is over behind the top of the house and was sort of out of view.

I was facing north-northwest, she was facing southeast.

I turned because I was trying to notice if I saw any shooting stars or anything, and that was when I turned to the west and saw a somewhat dim, yet clearly visible unbalanced diamond shaped object, clearly larger than an airplane (we live about 12 miles or so south of Cleveland Airport and NASA Lewis Research Center, but rarely have planes come over our way as they are typically routed out of the northeast, or takeoff going southwest). I was somewhat speechless at first because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It honestly looked like something out of a science fiction movie that Hollywood would come up with.

The shape was almost kite like, but had a mirror-like appearance and had 4 rings almost like a donut shape at each of the tips of the object. The rings were sort of flickering like when a fluorescent light is just turning on or about to burn out. It wasn’t a pulsing; it was more of a shimmering sort of flickering. The thing that seemed odd was that the object appeared to be the same color as the sky behind it. I have grown up near the airport and have seen planes overhead for 35 years and have never seen anything like it. As it started to dawn on me what I was seeing I yelled for my wife to look but at this point, it was getting farther away to where she could not see it.
I could still see it, but it was faint to begin with but I was still tracking where it was in the sky so I knew where it was.

While telling her to look for it I turned off the jets on the tub to see if I could hear anything but it was completely silent. I did notice that the object was not heading towards the airport, but rather, just west of it, as if it didn’t even care that the airport was there.

I stood in the hot tub not understanding what it was I just saw for about 10 minutes while my wife was asking me about what it was I saw. I was speechless. I have never seen anything like it before in my life. I drew the basic shape with the rings and such on the fridge to try to explain it to her.

I feel like I am your everyday John Q. Public. I have no reason to embellish or make this up. I always have an eye on the sky, mainly because of my childhood love of astronomy. I would love to explain it as a military type craft or something, but it just didn’t feel like it was something that I had heard about or seen on TV somewhere.

I have no good explanation, and hence, I am here, hoping that someone else in the northern Ohio area saw something.