A bright UFO glimpsed over Allahabad, India

On April 29, 2014, since his balcony, a resident of Allahabad (in the State of Uttar Pradesh, in India) has glimpsed a bright and unidentified flying object…

Witness statement:

I have a nice balcony, after having lunch, I went there for picking the washed cloths. I wanted to rest for some time in that open area. I sat on my relaxing chair after sometimes I noticed that bright speedy thing in clear sky, its speed took my focus , that thing had less speed than a missile ,beside it was a dark cloud ,which helped me to see it clearly. I am not a UFO keen type of person, but since I saw it from my own eye so I thought it to share from the world, so that if someone else might have seen that, I would also be a proof in my area. That thing started becoming smaller as it was going higher, and slowly it disappeared. I quickly came to google and found a UFO reporting sight and shared my experience.