A bright red and mysterious light over Agawam, United-States

During 6 or 7 minutes, a very bright red-white light has been watched in the sky, above the city Agawam, in Massachusetts, on April 6, 2014. Before to disappear, UFO went dark…

Witness reports:

Aprox 9:15pm 4/6/14 was watching a very bright red light with a sort of orange or yellow glow around it,almost, sort of looked like a flame. Very strange and hard to explain. Light or glow much brighter then say aircraft landing lights. Was moving slower then a plane and I thought maybe a helicopter but it wasn't. As it got closer I took a quick photo (via my phone). Was getting ready to take another when it started to get a diffused look as if going through a cloud. Only problem was there were no clouds. At this point while watching, the light or glow went out but with the help of the moon in the same general area I could see the darkened object for a few seconds. Was not round, but appeared to be maybe four or five sides but not sure, hard to make out.

Don't know what is was but can tell you what it wasn't. Not a plane (that I've ever seen), not a balloon, not a helicopter or meteorite. Moving slow with no sound. Fairly low altitude, would guess around a couple thousand ft.

Only have the one picture that I tried to sharpen but kind of a strange shot none the less right down to the red glow around it.
Also, when I took the picture I only saw red with orange around the outer perimeter not white so can't really explain that, nor can I explain the black looking object, couldn't see that through the bright red light.

Anyway, that's all I got, found it strange and thought I would pass it on.

Total time, aprox 6-7 minutes.