When L. Ron Hubbard has met A. Crowley

According to the Sunday Times, in 1946, the famous occultist English, Aleister Crowley welcomed L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology in California…

Newspaper states:

In 1946 Aleister Crowley (left), the sorcerer and mystic whose dabblings in black magic earned him the title The Wickedest Man in the World, found a new disciple and welcomed him to one of his occult communities in California. The extraordinary activities of this new and enthusiastic disciple are described in a vast collection of papers owned by a former admirer of Crowley which we have examined. The man in question is Lafayette Ron Hubbard (right), head of the now notorious Church of Scientology.

http://www.lermanet.com/, March 22, 2014