Two disc-shaped UFOs over Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

On May 18, 2012, at about 7:00 PM, several UFO, at least two, have been seen near the Coast of the city of Cabo San Lucas, in Mexico. On photos transmitted to the MUFON, we can see two disk-shaped and white objects flying on the sky.

All these object unidentified were not visible at the naked eyes…

Witness statement:

The pictures were within eye sight of Cabo San Lucas harbor. Friday, May 18, 2012, 18:49 pm, (believed MST - times were  not changed from PDT on arrival in Baja).

There were approximately 25 people in our business group, I am not  aware of anyone that viewed the sighting directly.
I was the only one taking photos at this time of our outing, and took roughly 125 pictures during the entire trip.

While returning to port, I took a number of shots at sunset as we passed "Lands End". Those with date in lower corner are from a HTC cell phone, the last was taken with a Canon SLR.

The photos show glowing, disc/cigar shaped object/s to the left of our vessel. There are grey spots in cell phone shots; those are birds going to roost in the rocks. Picture 5 from SLR shows 2 glowing objects, and one looks to be right in front of the rock formation.
This makes it hard to determine how far away the object is in the "dated" photos.

Had I been looking up, instead of the rocks and the ocean views, I most definitely would have made sure to get more details and pictures. 
I welcome reviews, and possibly be advised what I captured.