Three pulsating lights flow over Chalkis, Greece

Over the city of Chalkis, the chief town of the island of Euboea (in Greece), two or three pulsating lights have been filmed, in night, by a man called Frixos Marios Geralis.

Two of these UFOs were blue and the last was red. All these objects moved chaotically. Several persons witness this inexplicable phenomenon.

Witness statement:

Guys hallo I’m new here and I like very much the job it has been done here! I immediately searched about a website of the kind because yesterday at 20 March 2014 and at 9 o clock in the evening me and a friend where walking and suddenly we looked at the sky and we managed to capture this video of two blue/purple lighted objects performing maneuvers over Chalkis sky!!! All the passing bys where frozen at the view and were discussing!!! Plz see for yourself and tell me your opinion.