Three mysterious lights appear in Florida, USA

On March 18, 2014, during several minutes, three white lights have appeared someplace in Florida, USA. These bright orbs moved slowly in a night sky. But what is it?

Witness report:

Two stationary UFOS, with helicopter to the right (observing most likely)
I was on my way home from walking my girlfriend to her bus stop (about three blocks away from my house). On my walk back, I started hearing helicopters, and I looked up and saw two stationary orb-type lights in the sky, with a helicopter flying to the right of them. Having no idea what the hell the lights were, I ran the rest of the way home to grab my cellphone to record them ("my girlfriend won't believe me" were my thoughts at the time). When I got home I got my cellphone and ran out to my balcony and started filming. At first there was only one helicopter, then eventually two. The two objects in the sky were stationary for about 10 minutes total, I barely saw any movement. I had finished recording (3 clips in total and one picture) and decided to text my girlfriend one of the pictures. By the time I sent the text, the objects were pretty much out of view, they had traveled farther north, past my field of view.