Three diamond-shaped UFOs over Boone, NC

On October 13, 2013, three diamond-shaped UFO are appeared near the city of Boone (North Carolina). Only lights of these UFO were visible: their surfaces were perhaps transparent…

Witness statement:

Three diamond like shapes floating in sky. Only lights visible, no actual surface visible. Transparent?

I was not there, but my good friend took a photo and described it to me. He was the only one who saw it, and he has NO reason to lie to many of his good good friends.

Event occurred in Boone, North Carolina on Stadium Drive.

On the night of October 13, 2013 at 20:16, my friend noticed a diamond pattern of lights in the sky in the North West direction. The lights are perfectly geometrical, and were completely still. They did not move at all for about 15 minutes until they dimmed and disappeared. My friend took a photo before it disappeared and noticed in the photo that there were three rather than just one. He checked to make sure that it wasn't just a glare in the photo that was causing the shapes to appear, but once again, the lights were PERFECTLY geometric. In the photo, and according to him, there was no surface - the objects were transparent. Maybe it was because of the clouds, but in the photo you can see that there is no color/texture/pattern revealing a surface. There is only empty space surrounded by geometrically sound lights/orbs. 

The photo was taken on an iPhone 4, so the quality isn't so great. You can see the UFOs hovering above the tree line. You have to zoom in to really see them, but trust me, they are there. 

I hope this helps, and I hope that someday the world will accept the fact that we are not alone.