Six impressive lights seen over Minden, Ontario

On October 22, 2013, six sets of lights have been photographed above horizon, near the city of Minden, located in the Province of Ontario. It is very difficult to explain this very strange image …

Witness statement:

This maybe something or nothing.

This picture was taken by my cellphone camera. late afternoon. the view is looking east south east from the back deck of our cottage. The setting sun is behind me and it was illuminating the sky and clouds which i thought was a nice picture.

I did not look at the picture immediately but about one month later.

I did not notice the lights (shown in photo) over the horizon at the time. nor did i observe any aircraft in the area or passing over my position.

Our lake consists of mostly seasonal cottages and as a result is very quiet at that time of year, late October.

I did not hear any sounds such as aircraft.

There is a Canadian forces base about 150 km south east of our cottage.

I was quite surprised when i looked at the picture as i didn’t notice anything abnormal at the time the photo was taken.

There are six sets of lights in formation all about the same elevation and the appear to be parallel with each other.

When the picture is enlarged the lights are dual, like headlights.