Scott C. Waring discovers a giant face on Mountain

On February 28, 2014, Scott C. Waring, a famous ufologist living in Taiwan, has discovered with his family a giant face on mountain located at 2km in the South of city of Fangshan. In awe, he has taken multiple photos…

Scott C. Waring reports:

Hey guys, my wife, son and I were driving to Kenting when my wife told me she saw a giant face on the mountain. I was driving so I told her to get me a shot of it. Later I looked at it and was so amazed that on the way home we stopped there and made a short video of it. Sorry my big head was in it, but it was so cool to see that face on the mountain. Also the video was recorded on my wifes' iPhone 5s, which kept dimming the video every few seconds since it was a bit cloudy that day.

If you go to Google Earth map and copy and paste the coordinates into the location you will find the area...just click on one of the photos and you will see it.

Its important to know that this face is only 11km from the location of the Google Earth UFO I reported just a few weeks ago over the military base in Taiwan..(which was emailed to me from a reader in TW that found it). 11km! That can't be a coincidence. Also the face is 30-40 km from the location of where the police officer photographed the 8 foot tall alien near a lake in a scolded location. This sounds to me like there is an alien base here in Taiwan and the base is located directly below the face. About 4-6km below the surface. The face is probably used for them to recognize the area as their base and to represent the species that inhabits it. Scott C. Waring-Taiwan

You can found this face on Google Earth by entering following coordinates: Longitude:   22°14'22.55"N; Latitude:  120°40'21.90"E