An unusual bright light filmed over Bartow, Florida

On Saturday 15th March 2014 at 8:04 P.M., just after sunset, a witness has filmed a fast UFO flying across the sky above Bartow (Florida) when he was testing his new video equipment. This object remains a mystery…

Witness report:

I was testing a new quadracopter and camera platform, just taking some random videos about 500' or more. I did not witness it at the time of the flight. It was not until I started going through the video that I noticed something odd. What struck me was the speed, based on distance covered and time elapsed, which I have calculated to be around 920mph. It moved in a straight line until I turned my camera away. It appears to be a small orb traveling northwest from a local lake just above the tree tops. I don't know if it's 'other-worldly' but I cannot explain it and thought that maybe you guys might have seen something similar in the past.

I am sending an edited video just to show the interesting part but I can also make the original, unedited video available. It is well over a gigabyte so I'll wait to see if you need it.