An unidentified aircraft over Boca Raton, Florida

On February 4, 2014, in night, an automobilist has seen a black hovering aircraft with panels flying above buildings, in the city of Boca Raton, Florida.

Witness could not take photo of this phenomenon, but he managed to draw it…

Witness statement:

I was leaving office and seen a black rusty aircraft hovering. It was seen through my windshield. The aircraft was very old looking and seem to be beat up. It was black with scratches and rust. It had wings that had a slight bend to them. The aircraft was rounded on one end like the end of a bee and the other end almost had a cylinder shape. The aircraft hovered for a few seconds and birds were circling it in the sky. I went to grab my phone to take a photo but when I looked up the craft was gone, but the birds were still there circling. They stayed in that spot for a few moments. As soon as I had a chance I drew a sketch of what I seen just so I wouldn't forget. I have included that photo. I didn't feel much except I knew what I saw and that no one would probably believe me. I told a friend and he just laughed so I have kept it quiet since.