Strange shaped star sighted over Foley, Alabama

On October 4, 2012, in the city of Foley (located in Baldwin County, Alabama), a woman has seen an unusual light like star in the sky near the moon.

This case has been reported by the best friend of the witness on MUFON website…

Witness statement:

My best friend was in Foley, AL, outside smoking a cigarette and noticed the full moon just after 10 pm. As she looked she saw a star-like shape bottom right of the moon that just appeared odd. She kept glancing and looking as she never remembered seeing a star in that positions like that. When she had finished her cigarette the light just seemed so different and she couldn't shake the feeling that it was very unusual. She decided to pull out her iPhone and take a picture. She said she knew how interested in the UFO phenomenon I am, so she thought I would like to see the shape she caught. We talk on the phone every night but she had forgotten all about the incident until about 2 weeks later. She texted me the pic and I immediately knew that was no star.

I enlarged the pic on my iPhone and saw the curve/bowed shape of the lights. I then downloaded the pic to my laptop to get a better look with a bigger pic. I have the windows live gallery program and was able to enlarge and adjust contrast on the pic. When I saw the shape of the object silhouetted by the light of the moon, I can't express how dumbfounded I was. And still am.

My impression of what I see is that the craft looks like a WWII Sherman tank that's seen better days! Something you would see right out of Star Wars parked outside the cantina.
A used, beat up vehicle with a whole lot of miles on it.

I know experts say there's no way to determine size, but I think this thing looks huge. Am I going overboard to wonder if all the smaller lights to the left of the craft could be smaller craft coming and going? And look at that one that looks like a porthole.

So the "star" was observed about 20 minutes in the same position while she smoked her cigarette, and then she went back inside.