Strange lights flown lower in Valparaiso, Indiana

On February 23, 2014, an inhabitant, living in the city of Valparaiso (Indiana) had seen about ten strange lights. According to him, these UFOs blinked quickly and changed constantly of direction.

They looked like star and one of them had a flashing light. They plane slowly and lower…

Witness reports:

Driving home I noticed a couple lights, kind of resembling the big dipper but as I looked around, I noticed other lights gravitating towards these. They went into a V shape, extremely quickly. There were probably 7 or 8. They sometimes seemed to be pulsating. I looked again and suddenly there were only 4. You'd look one second and there'd be 3 in a row and look again and there would be 4, fairly far apart. They were star-like and seemed very far. (planes were closer/bigger) so, I didn't notice any sound. I assumed they were military until they started randomly disappearing. When I got near my home, there were only about two and no longer visable in my neighborhood. A family member texted us while we were seeing it and said they were taking pictures from their home (posted below).