An unidentified objet photographed over Fresno, CA

On February 24, 2014, a person living in the city Fresno (California) has seen a strange objet flying at about 1 000 feet above Nees Street. This observation lasted about 10 to 15 minutes and our witness has taken some photos…

Witness statement:

I was shopping at the drug store at the corner of First St and Nees St in North Fresno, CA. I happened to look up and saw a stationary object in the NW corner of Fresno. The skies were clear and there were no other aircraft in the area. I observed the object for about 10 to 15 minutes. I took several pictures which I attached.

The object made no noise and was stationary. I am guessing that it was at least 1000 ft or more. It is difficult to estimate size and height without having something to compare it to.

I looked at it with some small binoculars. There seemed to be larger than just the lighted area. The pictures do a good job of what I saw.

By chance I sent the pictures to my daughter and she called me immediately and said that my oldest grandson (11 years old) saw the same thing.

It is interesting that I saw the same thing last fall. I did not have a camera that time. The two sightings we of the exact object. In both occasions, the object just disappeared in an instant.

I do not know what is was but the pictures are interesting to look at.