An biological entity unidentified flying over Huntsville

Twice over a bright UFO is appeared over Huntsville, in Texas, at 6:30 AM. The first has been seen on January 27th ant the second, on February 14. This object looked like an “EBANI” or biological entity unidentified.

Witness statement:

The object first appeared on January 27th at approximately 6:30a. It shows very very bright in the East/Southeastern sky. We watched it until the clouds covered it and it was no longer visible. It never moved.

The morning of February 14 at approximately 6:30a, the same object. The same location.
The same white on top, blue ring and amber bottom.

This morning, there was some loud "animal" screaming in the National Forest when I first saw it.

We watched it until the sun came up when it was still visible and then clouds rolled in and covered it... much as they did in the first sighting.

Several people have reported it in the South/Southeastern skies... even on that first sighting saying it was the nova... but the nova, should not be visible as I understand it.