A strange luminous object filmed by automobilist

On February 18, 2014, an automobilist drove near the city of Waynesville, Ohio, when several lights are appeared in the night sky. He has taken a very clear photo with his mobile phone.

Seemingly, the four lights were part of the same object. So, what it is? Perhaps a drone or a alien spacecraft…

Witness statement:

I was turning onto 42 from Lebanon and I notice a very bright light straight down the road, I figured it was probably an airplane going to land at one of the near airfields because I saw some sort of blinking lights, I keep driving towards it heading towards Waynesville down 42 and I notice that it hasn't moved at all as I drove down about 3-4 miles and as I'm about to downtown Waynesville I notice it's about a mile away floating about 4/5,000 above the bike path that runs across the street in Corwin (you can Google it). This is when I can see 2/3 very noticeable lights on the front along with a semi-steady green on my view of the back of it (the front tip and I were heading in opposite directions). Through the middle of Waynesville I'm stopped at a red light and I'm watching it and it starts to slowly (20-30) move heading south, this is when I got a clear view of the outline of a dark black/silver triangle shape, the people behind me in traffic were watching it too. As I'm driving past it I open my sunroof to get a better view and it looked as if it were slowly ascending. Once I passed it and went to Centerville road I didn't see it again. One of my friends had coincidentally uploaded a picture of a nearly identical looking triangle UFO in our area about half a year ago (I'll attach the picture)