A strange bright UFO over Dayton, NV

On 1st January 2014 at 6:20 AM, a bright hovering unidentified object has been seen and photographed over the city of Dayton, in Nevada (at South of UFO).

Witness statement:

I was leaving the house for work. At about 6:20am I noticed a bright light behind the mountain behind our development looking south. It looked triangular in shape, but the brightness made it hard to observe. As I was driving to work I keep and eye on it. I noticed as the sunlight was getting bright, that there were no stars shinning. The object started to rise horizontally very slowly. When I got to work 20 minutes later (13 miles to work) the object was at an altitude of roughly 2-3000 ft. high and the sun was now higher in the horizon from the east. The object was still shining brightly when I entered the work place.

two hours later during my work break the object had disappeared. I would like to mentioned that I had shown the object to several work employees when It was at its highest altitude. I managed to take a picture with my cell phone 12 minutes after I had left the house.