A mysterious stationary light over Cambridge, Ontario

On June 14, 2013, in the City of Cambridge (in Ontario, Canada), a man was waiting his bus when he has seen a stationary bright light in night. As this UFO didn’t move, he was able to take several photos…

Witness statement:

I was just waiting for my bus at the bus stop, when I noticed a strange object hovering just pass a building, I decided to take photos of it every 2-5 minutes until my bus came so you could see the daylight in the background change to show you how long this object was stationary.

I didn’t see it leave or show up, I kind a just noticed it, I zoomed in and put 3 different shots together and will be sending the originals as well. I wanted to record a video but my phone was almost dead.

I immediately knew what I was witnessing, because it didn’t flash any lights, but reflected some sort of light. I felt lucky to witness a UFO, and will feel better knowing these pictures get looked at and hopefully we can come up with something on it. Thanks!

Sorry for delay by the way