Drone or UFO over Montauk on January 2014?

On September 15, 2013, in Montauk (State of New York), a witness has observed a strange black object while he was on a desk. According to him, UFO would seem to fly off the return against the wind.

Witness statement:

While going out into my deck to have a cigarette I observed what appeared to me as some kind of balloon.... It was a windy day I remember blowing 15-20knts SW ... My deck faces south... It seemed to drift away at first. What I though was odd is that the object returned into my view and looked like it was remote controlled ... Hovering and moving against the wind... I would say the object was approx. 500-1000 feet away.... I have photos I will try to download to whomever is interested... Maybe it's just some kind of remote controlled metallic looking balloon contraption....

What it is?
By looking photos, we can notice that object looks like an unmanned aerial vehicle (commonly known as drone).

What do you think?