An alien, looking like god Pan, seen in Somerset in 1948

In an evening of 1948, in Somerset county (at southwest of England), a man has seen an alien near his house. This humanoid looked like Pan, god of the wild, shepherds and nature in Greek religion.

This story has been reported by B.M. Nunnelly in the book entitled “The Inhumanoids real encounters with beings that can’t exist”.

A man named Cyril Barry was outside smoking a cigarette one evening when he noticed light coming from the window of the adjacent house. He casually strode over and looked inside the room---and got the shock of his life. There, sitting at a large table was a white, humanoid figure with a bearded goat’s head complete with ten-inch-long horns. Instantly regretting his indiscretion, Mr. Barry hurriedly left the area. Shake by what he had seen and unable to resolve it, he reportedly returned to the house the following day and once again, peered into the same window. He was surprised to see that the room was now empty, dusty and in disarray as if it hadn’t been occupied for years.

Source, January 12, 2014