UFO or bird photographed above Streator, Illinois?

On August 24, 2012, in the city of Streator, Illinois, a strange black UFO has been photographed. When the photo has been shot, nobody has seen something of strange then that the sky was perfectly clear.

When we look the image, we can imagine that this object is just a bird. But, according to the testimony, this explanation is not possible …

Witness statement:

On this date we were heading towards Iowa for the weekend and my husband noticed a a vertical contrail and pointed it out. He also noticed a flash at that moment that appeared to be headed towards the clouds above. So he told me to take a few pictures which I did with my cell phone. Later that evening we were looking at the pictures and noticed something in that we did not see with our naked eye. We are not sure what it is but definitely not a bird. if you enlarge the picture,whatever the object is,there looks like a heat signature around it. Just kind of curious what it could possibly be. I included 2 pictures that were taken seconds apart.