Two flying saucers snapped over Tyndrum, Scotland

On May 15, 2013, a vacationer has photographed several disk-shaped UFO over the little city of Tyndrum, located at the North of Scotland.

When he has snapped these unidentified objects, he saw nothing…

Witness statement:

I was on holiday to Scotland in May 2013, I took many pics, and only saw what appears to be two orbs side by side on two pics, I only noticed the two orbs when going through pics on computer, I will post these pics as they came out and have not been processed, they are not too good but the orbs can be clearly seen.

I have not altered the pics in any way and they may not be flying saucers, but on enlarging the pics you get a better idea. 

The time and date are exact. Each pic was taken consecutively, so it may be that the objects are the same ones in each pic.