Three luminous UFO photographed in the sky

On November 27, 2013, a man has filmed three luminous lights when he took a plane in North America. At this moment, airplane was between the cities of Sultan and Monroe (in the State of Washington).

Witness statement:

My cousin was on Air Canada flight #799 from Toronto to LAX on Monday Nov 25, 2013 and approx. 40-45 minutes out from LAX (right before descent/approach into LAX) over the desert and mountains areas she glanced out her window and observed 3 incredibly bright orbs.

She managed to get 3 pictures with a small digital camera. These lights were so bright that she had a difficult time even looking to take the photos as she felt they could trigger a migraine.

It's difficult to determine if they are airborne on hovering near the ground.

According the website I checked during her flight to determine if the flight was going to arrive on time I saw that the altitude was reported as 23,600ft and the plane was due in at 2:59, ahead of it's scheduled 3:09 pm PST arrival schedule.

My cousin is well experienced in what is 'typical' outside an aircraft, having served in a career onboard with Air Canada. Her husband is a retired career pilot with Air Canada as well. These are people who are well educated about what is in the air and well trained observers, clear headed and no nonsense.

She has asked to submit this report.

Attached are the photos she took from her seat in the plane. The only thing that was done to the photo is that she hit the 'enhance' button on her ipad when we transferred the images to pad to view and save.

I checked on line to see if there is any type of significant solar panel, mirror solar collector farm anywhere in the So. Calif, Arizona, Nevada that would be noticable on that flight path. Could not find anything. In the photo the only infrastructure we could see was a small road in the foreground. Otherwise, the location seemed extrememly remote without any other buildings or structures. If there is any known installation that would create this kind of orb like brilliance in that region we are unaware of such.

Source, 1st December 2013