He draws precisely a flying saucer that he saw

On August 8, 2008, an extraordinary unidentified flying object has been observed over the city of Whittier, in the state of California. Sadly, no photo or video has been taken, but witness succeeded to draw precisely this incredible flying saucer.

Witness report:

The incident took place in early August of 2008 in southern California; In a section of the city of Whittier called "up-town". 

I was at my girlfriends apartment located on the 2nd floor, on the north side of greenleaf ave., adjacent to a hill and hiking trail. It was a little after 12:30am, my girlfriend and I had an argument, then I went to lay down in her bedroom, while she remained in the living room on the couch with our cat. 

I remember laying down on her bed and closing my eyes; I had a strange dream about being locked in a submarine trapped in ice when I heard the door open. 

I immediately jumped out of bed, and all the hair on my neck stood up as I watched.

Then I heard and felt a humming noise, that was so low and deep that it made me a bit nauseated. 

My heart stared racing as the door continued to open, and then, standing there in the hall was a small figure around 4ft tall that was dressed in what seemed like a black cloak. In shock, I tried to scream out and grab something from the nightstand next to me to try and defend my self in some way, but I went mute, and felt like I was paralyzed. It raised its hand and was holding something in it. 

I fell and crippled down to the bed not being able to move, 2-3 more of the small figures cloaked in black entered the room, in a sort of ,hurried waddle, and surrounded me. 

I couldnt move, and all I could do was stare at the first small humanoid figure that was pointing something at me. It had hands, or what looked like hands. The skin color was dark, a brownish green; then the last thing I saw was its face as it stepped closer towards me. Its eyes where big and yellowish with slits like a cat or reptile. Its skin on its face was a bit lighter color then its hands, it had no hair, I didnt really see a nose, just slits where the nostrils should be, and its teeth where jagged and pointy in a small child like mouth. It said something in a low gutteral voice that I couldnt understand, it sounded like someone talking underwater, then I looked back at the clock, it said 1:30 am, then it all went black. The next thing I know im laying in bed staring at the ceiling. I go to sit up and I have a sharp pain in my left lower back, I turn to look at the clock and it said 4:30 am, then the humming noise came back and a bright light perred in from the 2nd floor window, I opened the blinds to look out and I saw a teardropped shaped craft with a dome hovering in mid air about 10 ft from the window. It was about 20ft long. It had lights of red, orange, blue and mainly white on the sides and underneath I saw what looked like landing equipment. It hovered there for about 3-5 seconds, then the humming noise dissappered,and it became silent as it floated slowly up past the trees and vanished out of my sight. I was confussed more then terrified and felt dizzy and disorented. I walked out of the room and saw my girlfrined laying on the couch, asleep, with the cat hidding curled up in a ball, with all of its hair standing up hissing in the direction of the front door. 

I tried to wake my girlfriend as I ran past to the door, but she was in a dead sleep. Excitied still, I ran out of the door and down the stairs to the street below our window where I saw the craft drift away to see if I could see where it went in the sky. But It was gone. I went back into the house when my girlfreind started to wake up and the cat was now calm and walking around the kitchen. I told her what happened and about everything I felt and saw. She didnt remember seeing anything, just seeing the clock on the cable tv box say 1am, and then she told me she got really tired out of no where and it all went black.
I asked her to check my lower left back for any marks, when she did she found a small red spot that was slightly hot and a little swollen .I never saw anything like that again, but I still have nightmares sometimes about it, and I still have a small scar.

I dont know how else to explain what happened to me.

This is just what I remember.