An alien figure discovered on the Sun by SOHO

Ufologist Scott C. Waring has discovered something of very strange by watching images taking by SOHO. On photos published in his blog, we can see an alien figure drawing on the surface of the Sun…

Waring states:

While looking over some NASA/SOHO sun images I came across this one with a figure in it. Then I found a the same figure in another image but with a green filter instead. The figure has a large head and thin frail looking body. There also seems to be wings on its back. When looking closer you might even see the other hand touching the front knee area of the leg. The form changes over the 13 minutes between the two photos giving us a full frontal view.

Now I am reporting this because finding out what they look like is important. Also Michio Kaku (Professor of theoretical physics) said that a type 3 civilization will be able to control the energy output of an entire sun and use it as they wish. Why display an image if you control the sun? To commemorate an important person in your species...showing their pride about who they are. SCW