A square shaped UFO photographed in Brooklyn Park

It’s a very strange black shape object who is appeared just above a boat, in the city of Brooklyn Park (Minnesota). On November 24, 2013, a man has succeeded to take a photo of this square shaped UFO.

Witness statement:

While checking out the boats for sale section in the Minneapolis section of Craigslist on 12-5-2013, I noticed a strange looking object in the sky in the background of a boat photo. The ad said it was posted 11 days ago, so this boat photo was probably taken by the boat owner on or about Nov. 24, 2013 in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. I've attached 3 pics, one is original size from the Craigslist posting, the next is zoomed in 400 percent, the last is zoomed in 1000 percent. The object appears to be dark in color, square shaped, with two appendages protruding from the top, the left appendage skinny and the right appendage fatter. The object appears to have an accompanying square shaped fog? exhaust? force field? misty halo? surrounding it.