A snail shell UFO filmed over Salinas, California

On December 17, 2013, a very mysterious object has been filmed above the city of Salinas, California, USA. This UFO had a shape rather unusual: it looked like a snail shell. What is it? An alien spacecraft? It’s possible…

Witness statement:

Driving S./SW on Salinas Hwy. Pulled over on shoulder of road to observe the Beautiful vibrant reddish clouds against powder blue sky at sunset. Exited vehicle for an unimpeded 
view of sky.
Took two(2) pictures w/I-Phone 5G as well as brief video of the unfolding colors on Cumulus clouds. Upon returning home and checking the photos out, I played around with the zoom feature to frame certain cloud features and colors. Surprised to discover object slightly right of top of picture frame. Video portion of sky taken not more than 5 min. Later 100yards further S. ( exactly 20yds into Monterey County from San Benito County line). 

In recent years I have observed other out of the ordinary objects in the sky. Comment all youd like as to my lack of optical references or cerebral superiority compared to your worldly 
knowledge and experience, chances are that you may actually be correct for once. ( Hey UFOs over Gilroy, you still looking up? ). Ill upload my pics and video as well as my zoomed pictures I have.
Just a thought about our search for Intelligent life out there.......maybe they are finding things as difficult as we are???