A multicolor and spherical UFO filmed over Nevada

On Saturday, 28th December 2013, a glowing spherical UFO has been filmed, on night, above Northern of Nevada, in United-States. Author has published his video on Youtube. During about 33 minutes, we can see a strange object moving unintelligibly in the sky and changing of colors each second…

Witness states:

What you are about to witness is footage recorded on December 28th 2013 at 8 PM. The unknown object is hovering in the sierra foothills just along the edge of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. In theory we believe that the object is very similar to another UFO we filmed on December 12th 2013 where an actual landing took place on a hill near my home. I spent the last two weeks sky watching to see if this object would make a return visit and I hit literally a home run with a little patience and allot of luck! If you pay very close attention you will observe a few things first the dogs barking, secondly the object pulsates producing three colors per second and the third would be that the illumination is equally distributed surrounding this sphere. Although the UFO is further off distance wise then the December 12th footage you can still some really great close ups at these time stamps of 9:05, 14:03, 16:59, 17:01,18:41, 20:02, 20:10, 22:15, 23:15, 26:31, 30:41 and 32:18. The video is best viewed at full screen and take the time to use the pause buttons every second it pulsates so you can view all the brilliant colors of light that the UFO radiates . The colors range from lime, aqua, blue, violet, green, orange, red, yellow, white, orange, gold, cranberry and at times pitch black. We also invite you to take a gander at the Amazing December 12th landing footage at www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXSdR0UkSt4 so that you can use it in comparison with this current video.