A disc-shaped UFO snapped over Cave Creek, Arizona

A man has, inopportunely, taken a snapshot of a disc-shaped UFO above the city of Cave Creek, in Arizona. When this strange object has crossed the sky, on October 22, 2013, no witnesses have noticed it.

Witness statement:

My girlfriend and I were visiting her family members in AZ., and it was a beautiful evening (temperature about 75 degrees, at about 7:30 PM). We were on vacation from the 19th until the 27th of October (2013). I believe my estimation of the date of the photo is very close. My girlfriends mom has a pretty nice backyard, and there is a gorgeous giant cactus just over her brick wall. The moon was out--and just about (if not completely) full. It was just a very nice scene and I have a photographers eye so I decided to snap a shot with our Fuji 12.2 megapixel digital camera. I did not notice the object in the upper right hand of the frame until the next day. I initially believed it was just dust on the view screen, and tried wiping it off. It did not wipe off. I then utilized the zoom feature on the camera and enlarged the spot on the frame where the object was. I became disturbed because it was NOT an airplane-it is obviously disc shaped, and looks as large or larger than a jet plane. No wings, or fuselage, or lights are visible at all. I actually took a photo of a jet plane the next night under very similar conditions and the difference is obvious. When I got back to Jersey, I enlarged the shot as much as I could on my PC. I searched on the web for someone to send this picture to so it could be studied or verified. I found you guys and remembered hearing about MUFON on a television show once. I hope this helps or interests you.