A mysterious light phenomenon seen in Texas

On October 18, 2013, an enigmatic and supernatural phenomenon has been photographed in the State of Texas. What is it? These lights could be a flying saucer slightly hidden by clouds. Or maybe a simple (and impressive!) meteorological phenomenon…

Witness statement :

My son and I had just gotten outta the car and were heading inside. We have this habit of staring up into the sky at night sometimes because weve always been interested in the whole UFO thing. He saw it and said "Hey Mom, look at that." I looked up and just assumed it was a passenger plane, even though the two nearest airports are quite a ways away from where we are, we just sort of brushed it off and went inside. Even though I had never seen those many lights on an airplane before, we continued inside.

It wasnt until Sunday when I got onto FaceBook and saw the posting that I flashed back to what we saw. I then realized that what we saw had absolutely no sound. If my son hadnt have noticed it ( the lights were quite bright ) we never would have seen it.

And I realized that it was flying awfully low to be that far away from the nearest airport. If I had to measure the distance from the ground where it was I guess I would say it was about 15 stories high. It had been raining a couple of days prior to that and it was really cloudy. We could see the formation of lights ( that flashed a bit, then stopped ) thru the clouds as it flew along at a moderate speed. We only watched it for about 20 or 30 seconds. It quietly flew/glided directly over my apt complex and I cant believe no one else saw it. There was no wind that night. And Im in the north part of Dallas and the pic was taken in Oak Cliff, which is in the south-ish. So it flew North to South.

According to whomever posted the pic on FaceBook, it was taken a little before/after approximately 8pm. My son and I got out of our car around 8:10pm headed inside, so Im guessing it was the same object. Since the clouds were blocking our complete view of it we never saw the actual structured craft. Only lights in a circular pattern.