Motorcyclist reports triangle UFO near Los Angeles

On September 6, 2013, on the road between Los Angeles and Carlsbad, a motorcyclist has seen three white lights in V-shape or triangle in the sky. This U.F.O. has disappeared suddenly and silently.

This testimony has been transmitted to Mutual UFO Network.


I was leaving Los Angeles to ride down to Carlsbad on the motorcycle, Friday night around 8 pm. Heading east on the 101 Freeway, around the Echo Park area, I just had the urge to look up to my right.

I often look up at the sky while riding at night watching the lights from helicopters, plans, blimps, stars etc., and there are many helicopters over the LA sky at night.

But what I saw was definitely none of the above; it was three bright white lights in a triangle formation or V-shape with a red light in the center rear.

I couldn’t see the shape of the craft, just the lights forming the shape. It looked stationary as I stared at it for about 4 seconds which is a long time while on a bike.

Immediately I knew it was not normal. I had to face the freeway, so took my eyes of the lights. I thought quickly, "what the hell? That’s definitely not a blimp," which would be the only thing similar, but not really.

I looked up again. A few trees blocked my view as they whizzed by; then clear sky and no lights. I looked all around in the area. It was facing east direction, but to me looked stationary.
I checked the freeway again, straight road, traffic moving steady and safely, so I literally turned about face eastward with a clear view of the sky and still nothing; it was just gone, nowhere in sight.

After determining it had gone, I focused back on the ride knowing I had definitely seen what I had seen and it was, in my best judgment, an extraterrestrial craft in a V or triangle shape.