A UFO filmed during a baseball game in Vancouver

Sure the guy moved the camera away from the UFO...but hey, he had a game to focus on, and any hard core fan would focus back on the game eventually. Interesting sightings and it looks like the UFO was trying to get a closer look while peeking half out from behind the tree. If there are aliens in that thing, they are cute little buggers about hand size. SCW

News states:

UFO Spotted Hovering at Canadian Baseball Game. Mass UFO Sighting In Canada During Baseball Game On Camera: UFO Spotted Hovering at Canadian Baseball Game.

An Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was spotted during a minor league baseball game taking place at the Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium in Vancouver, Canada.

The sighting that came towards the start of the sixth inning of the game, prompted viewers at the match to tweet photos of the unusual object with glowing lights. Around the time of the UFO sighting Vancouver Canadians, one of teams playing the match, scored four runs causing some viewers to speculate it was a lucky "cosmic intervention" during the game.

The same team went on to win the match with a 5-1 score.

According to a report in Open Minds, the UFO was shining blue and was hovering over the right field fence.

It did not take long after the sighting for twitterverse to be flooded with tweets with hashtag #luckyUFO. There was a tweet from the winning team themselves about the sighting.