A metallic UFO photographed in Legazpi, Philippines

On August 3, 2013, a resident of the big city of Legazpi (located in the province of Albay) in Philippines has took a picture of a mysterious and metallic U.F.O. The unidentified object was quite distant when it was snapped, but with a zoom we can see something of paranormal …


Hi, I'm Abraham from Philippines. I'm just wondering if anyone from your team can investigate this picture that I took about 3 weeks ago.

I and my friend just passed by in this rice field near a volcano not too far away from our home.

I just now realized there was something out there in the sky that is really weird when I started browsing my photos from a holiday back in my homeland, the Philippines.

I took this picture using my iPhone 4s, so it's not really a high resolution, but attached is the raw file of this photo.”