A mysterious circular UFO caught on photo

On August 14, 2013, several lights have been photographed over the road between the city of Surprise (State of Arizona) and Phoenix. There were a total of six orbs in a circular or oval shape. This UFO has an origin totally unknown.


I was driving to work from Surprise, AZ, to central Phoenix.

I stopped at a stop sign on the access road to Grand Ave. and saw there was a nice cloud formation backed by a colorful sunrise.

I often take pictures of scenes like this, when I can, and since there were no cars behind me this early, I decided to snap one view.

Grand Ave runs diagonally southeast to northwest. I held my phone/camera out of the driver’s side window and took the shot facing east at the sunrise.

I took two shots and never even reviewed them until a few days later: Monday, August 19.

I was at home using my phone to view my pictures on my TV and that’s when I noticed the glowing lights in the sky above the clouds.

The TV doesn’t have the function to zoom in, so I had to look back at my phones screen to zoom in and was in awe at what I was looking at.

There were 6 orbs of light in a circular or oval shape.

I’m not sure if they were separate objects or all a part of one object.

I live near Luke Air Force Base and see fighter jets all the time, but this was definitely NOT one of them.