La Toya Jackson Claims She's Seen Michael's Ghost

The undisputed random of the Jackson clan (and that's saying something), La Toya, says the ghost of her late brother Michael has been visiting the family dressed in the white pearl beads he wore in the coffin.

The 53-year-old onetime Playboy cover girl tells Woman's Day, Michael has appeared "in the curtains" while the lights were out.

"His eyes were open and he appeared peaceful. I turned the lights on and asked, 'Michael, do you wish to go to the other side?'," she says.

La Toya, who once called a midnight press conference in Tel Aviv to declare she'd harboured for years the secret that Michael was a child molester, also claims her brother's ghost has flicked the lights on in his house to let her know he's there.

La Toya says her manager Jeffre Phillips and sister Janet have also seen the star's spirit but mother Katherine, a strict Jehovah's Witness, won't accept that her son's ghost walks the earth.