A triangular UFO snaps near Springfield, Illinois

On March 27, 2013, a family, which was in their car, has seen an unidentified flying object between the States of Missouri and Illinois.

The granddaughter has succeeded to take some photos of this unusual moment. Photo, published on UfoCasebook website, show four mysterious lights. Three of them form a perfect equilateral triangle. And one of these lights is red while three others are white.


My granddaughter, who took the photos, was in the car with her mother, uncle, and cousin.

It was spring break they were coming from Missouri to my home in central Illinois, March 27, 2013.

When they were just south of Springfield my granddaughter thought the moon looked strange so she got her camera out to take photos.

Then she noticed a very large arrangement of lights. She took photos. When she showed them to me, I told her she got a perfect clear photo of a triangle.

She said, "Grandma, it kept changing the shape of the lights."

Then she showed me more photos. It was a triangle with a tail of five lights. She said it had windows between the main body and the straight long line of tail lights.

One small blue light was inside the triangle, but her Mother could not see it. It was to the East and my daughter was driving due north.

Her Mother kept telling her it had to be a plane. My mother said it was no plane. It was huge.

She said she got scared a little when she saw it much closer. My son was in the back seat behind the driver. His son was on the east side window, but he is autistic so he would not be a witness.