A strange light filmed near Area 51

On March 2013, a man has filmed a supernatural light above the famous and enigmatic Area 51, located at the South of the state of Nevada (United States).


This anomaly caught my attention when I looked up while viewing Bodes Nebulae. At first glance thought it was a satellite but it was moving towards my location. 15 minutes later it is bigger and brighter. I went through both ends of focus to find the medium as it got brighter and bigger. This was the best result that could be obtained at it's apex (it's highest point in the sky). It is not a star. It is not a Planet. My friend looked at the computer screen and says: "Dude you found Nibiru!!!"

I believe this was a UFO/Orb as they are common in my area. The entire episode was over in 25 minutes and it faded out of sight. 10 minutes later it appeared in the same spot it faded out but was brighter with a yellow tint to it