An UFO like neon light photographed above Pismo Beach

On September 26, 2009, an unidentified flying object like a neon light has been photographed above the beach city Pismo Beach, California, between 20:39 and 20:40.

Sighted during night, the rectangular-shaped U.F.O. produced an intense bright and white light. There were two photos taken on this day: first over the beach, second over the pier.

The main witness of this incredible spectacle has decided to tell his story to the famous website UFOCasebook.


All we were able to see was the light, and hear it's buzzing. It hung around for a little bit searching the pier and beach.

I didn't know anyone else there, but there were a fair few. The smell of the ocean was amplified.

They didn't really do anything but buzz around. There were a few other lights off in the far distance, but this one buzzed the coast pretty decently.

For some reason I never felt like I needed to tell people at the time. And all of us there were pretty calm about the whole thing. Looking back, now, I find this odd.

Nor did anyone run towards it or away from it. We all just stood around and watched it in near silence.

Afterwards, most of the people that were out of the pier just walked off, didn't stop to talk about it, just calmly got in their cars and left.

The few that stuck around were all talking about it as if we were in a library talking about golf.

I was on StumbleUpon, and found your website, and my roommate suggested I share the photos, I didn't even think about it; and even still finding oddly difficult to share it...

Camera - Canon EOS 30D