A large and haunted Victorian mirror for sale on eBay

On February 18, 2013, two roommates living in the city of London have decided to sell, on eBay website, a mirror damned. The large Victorian style mirror is sold for £100. But, despite of his beauty, object has caused a lot of terrifying troubles.

Two vendors have long warned potential buyers by giving a long and extraordinary description that you can read here:

The mirror was originally walnut, however my flatmate has restored it with a metallic silver colour, making it appear more modern. There are what seem to be nail marks on the small shelf space on either corner, where we believe some kind of adornment once was. There is a row of small round decoration running along the top, several are missing (see photo). There are a few small scratches, though nothing major (see photo)

This is a beautiful grand victorian style mirror and has had pride of place in our North London studio apartment for several months now. However, I feel it's only fair that I tell anybody with an interest in buying it about the strange phenomena that has occurred since we acquired it. It is for this reason that we feel sadly unable to keep the mirror ourselves. 

The mirror was originally up in the hallway of the building we live in (a house, converted into 10 different apartments of varying sizes, ours being Flat 1). One afternoon, after the maintenance people had been carrying out work on the inside of the building, we returned from shopping to find it on the front lawn among other rubbish. My flatmateasked the landlord if we could take it to put up inside our own flat, as he had planned to throw it out entirely. We rested it on the wall above the radiator, where it has beenever since. 

Many times since putting up the mirror, both myself and my flat mate have woken in the early morning hours screaming in pain. We both experienced what I can only describe as intense sharp stabbing pains throughout out bodies. They would strike us both at the same time, then dissapear as fast as they came. Our original suspicions were that somebody was performing some kind of voodoo or Black magic on us.

The mood in the flat turned sour. I felt constantly as if there was a sense of impending doom upon us. As if something awful was about to happen. Both of us began to feel zombie like, as if drained of all our energy. 
Many times over the course of the next few months we were unable to move out of bed, our bodies weak and tired for no apparent reason.

However, leaving the flat for any short amount of time would make us both feel instantly better. Upon returning to the flat, the zapping of energy feeling would strike again.

One night, my flatmate became terribly ill. He could not stop shaking and complaining of feeling cold, despite the fact his temperature was extremely high. Worried, I called an ambulance and we rushed him to hospital. He was experiencing a tight cramping feeling in his leg that would leave him crippled, keeled over on the floor screaming in pain. Despite tests, the doctors found nothing wrong to warrant such pain.

With my flatmate working most days, I spent a lot of time here alone in the flat. I became paranoid and had the uneasy feeling that I was constantly being watched. My anxiety levels reached an all time high, which led to me being prescribed antidepressants by my doctor for the first time in my life. While I had calmed down enough to be able to tolerate being alone in the flat, I couldn't help but notice strange things happening around me. I would put things down and they would dissapear. Things were constantly going missing, keys, phones. Entering the bathroom one morning after hearing a loud bang, I found objects strewn out across the floor, and a tub of shaving foam, which had been on the other side of the room, headfirst down the toilet. Pictures have fallen from the walls.

Many times while passing the mirror, I would see flickering shadows reflected in it. I would stand completely still and yet would continue to see them, quick glimpses of black darkness, darting around in the space behind me.

Last week I woke up startled at 3.30am with a pain in my lower back and bottom that felt like I'd been burned.
I got up and looked in the bathroom mirror to find myself covered in deep red scratches going in all directions. I have short fingernails, and after checking the bed found nothing sharp or no loose springs that would explain such a thing.

Photo of the scratches on my body - 

You do not have to believe this, but everything I have said here is true. Truthfully, we both love the look of the mirror, but since we put it up in our flat we have had nothing but bad luck, misery, financial problems and illness. I have never been particularly superstitious, but just being around this mirror gives me the creeps and makes me feel sick to my stomach. I would ideally like it to go to somebody who has experience with the paranormal/supernatural and knows what they are getting themselves in for.

The mirror is very large, and cannot be posted. It needs to be collected, preferably in a van or a car with a roof rack.

On 18-Feb-13 at 12:41:01 GMT, seller added the following information:

UPDATE: Since listing the mirror on Ebay I have experienced the following

- I suffered a terrible nightmare, during which I slit my wrists and killed myself. From this point onwards, I found myself watching the rest of the dream as if I were a ghost. I kept waking up and falling back to sleep, but each time the dream would just carry on again, picking up where it left off.

- The night I suffered this nightmare, I woke up again with scratches, this time running down my left leg.

- The phone line and internet in our flat has gone dead despite our equipment working fine, and Talk Talk (our internet provider) have yet to find the cause. Also, the hot water and heating in our flat tripped out for seemingly no reason.