A rectangle-shaped UFO reported in Molina

On January 11, 2013, a man and his daughter drove, peacefully, on a road near the town of Molina (State of Colorado) when they saw a rectangle-shaped UFO in the sky. According to his testimony, object wasn’t an airplane or another helicopter.

This story was been collected by the most important UFO organization in the world, the MUFON, based in United-States of America …


« I was driving home on Friday, January 11, 2013 along Hwy. 330 near the town of Molina, CO. I was heading NE when the object appeared in the sky.

I first thought it was an airplane or a helicopter; however, after driving towards it for approx. a 1/4 mile it did not change positions. The way it just appeared is what caught my attention.

It did not descend out of the clouds, it just sort of appeared. I had my 17-year-old daughter in the vehicle with me. She also saw the object. I could not keep my eyes off the road for long, but every glance I got at it only made me certain that it was not moving, and I was only driving 40 mph as the roads in my area tend to be icy.

As I got closer to the object, I noticed the center lights, on what appeared to be a light bar type light, were flashing. They were a yellow/orange shade and reminded me of hazard lights.

The object itself was square-shaped, as far as I could tell it was a grayish color; kind of like pewter, and it was not shiny, but dull. It did not move at all, it was completely stationary.

I think that is what really caught my attention. If it had been an airplane or helicopter it would have moved. I mean even when a chopper hovers there is movement, it kind of bobs up and down. This object did neither, if it hadn’t been up in the sky I would have thought it was sitting on solid ground.

If there was any movement it was too slight for me to see at the distance I was from it. I was able to catch a long enough look to see that there were no discernible moving parts; i.e.: rotors, propellers or tail rotors.

The lights were in the wrong place for any aircraft I am familiar with. I drove for approx. 2 miles before losing sight of it around a curve. To be perfectly honest, I was a bit frightened by it, as well as a little excited to have seen something so completely inexpiable!

I have never felt compelled to report other sightings I have had, because I felt those were explainable, they were tricks of light or something. This was a truly unique experience, where the object made no sense to me!

I think the only reason that I am reporting it now is because a friend of mine saw the same object a day before I did, but she did not mention it to me until after I had seen the object. She described the exact same thing!

I am hoping to see it again and have had a camera with me ever since. If I am lucky enough to see it again I hope I can get a good picture of it!

I don’t know if anyone other than me, my daughter, and my friend saw the object, but maybe someone out there knows what it is. »