A former soldier sees a non-moving UFO in Arizona

On January 5, 2013, in the city of Scottsdale (Arizona, United-States), an inhabitant assure to have view a strange light in the sky. According to his testimony, he has sighted object during more two hours!

Witness was in US Navy. He is convinced that the object was something unusual.


« I was in my backyard at approximately 1900 hours local time bar-b-qing.

It was dark since it was winter (1/5/13) and I walked out by the pool to look at the stars for a moment. A particularly bright star-like object was in the sky about 20-30 degrees above the horizon to the Southeast.

It did not move at all (as an airplane would) and I watched it off and on for about 2 hours or so.

I looked at it through 10 power binoculars, but could not make out any features whatsoever. This star-like object was twinkling brilliantly in various colors like blue, green, red, yellow, and orange.

It was brighter than Jupiter which was also visible overhead. I called channel 10 news to see if they were interested in going outside to take a look, but I doubt that they did anything.

This object stayed stationary the whole time, so I convinced myself that it was in fact just an atmospheric condition making a star look brilliant and change colors.
I went to bed about 9 PM and it was still there. The next night (1/6/13) at the same time, I went outside and no such object was present, no bright stars of any kind were in that area of the sky.

I was in the US Navy (aircrew) for 4 years and have held a private pilot's license since the 1970s. I am 67 years old and camp out frequently so I have seen plenty of stars. I have never seen anything like this before. »