U.F.O. avoids a plane above Houston

On November 28, 2012, a man, living in United States of America, has photographed a U.F.O. above city of Houston (in Texas). On the photo, we can see an alien spacecraft who avoid a human plane in the sky!

Witness is called Irving O. Valencia. I suggest you to read his incredible experience published on website “UFO Casebook”:

« On my way back home, I was in my car listening to the radio while I was driving. It was a bright sunny day (11/28/12) at a red light I spoted an airplane high above the immense dawn sky, leaving a contrails behind it.

This was nothing unusual to me. The light turned green, I keep driving, it was kind of impossible not stare at the contrails in front of my view.

While I was driving and looking up, I started seeing a bright, round circle right where the airplane was going, the airplane started making a turn, like it was avoiding whatever that circle was.

The circle was moving like it was dancing. All I thought at that moment was that nobody was going to believe what my eyes were seeing. So I grabbed my phone while I was driving and took three pictures.

Once I stopped my car at a red light the bright circle shined and it disappeared. I'm not sure what that thing was, all I know is that I hope to see it again.

This picture is 100% real with no editing or photoshop done on it from my HTC Sensation 4G on T-Mobile.

Special thanks to the witness Irwin O Valencia for this sighting report. »