The Prophecy of Nostradamus on December 21, 2012

Aside from the Mayans who predicted the end of the world in December 21, 2012, Nostradamus is also one of the important people who also made history by predicting the end of the world as well. Actually, he already made 6,000 prophecies and he predicted most of the important events in the History of the world. He failed many times in his prophecies. However, people still believed him because most of the prophecies that he predicted that came true, became part of the history of the world.

Most of the predictions that he made is directly related to disasters, earthquakes, death, floods, war and natural phenomenon. It is said that Nostradamus predicted the rise of the French revolution. All of his predictions happened after he died. He also prophesized that world wars will happen and it will be led by Adolf Hitler. The most recent prophecy of Nostradamus is the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers on America in September 11, 2011.

This is also the main reason why people believed the prophecy of Nostradamus about the end of the world in 2012. Aside from this, it is also accompanied by other prophecies like the end of Mayan Calendar. The prophecies that are pertaining to a single point in time made a big deal to people. They are now thinking that the end of everything is near.

However, based on the findings of experts, there is no way that the world will end on 2012. They said that Nostradamus may have predicted a lot of important historic events but still, he made a lot of false predictions. They said that there is a big chance that the 2012 prediction is also a false one. They also said that there are not scientific explanations on the possible event that will explain the prediction of Nostradamus.

Another version of the prediction is another world war between Muslims and Christians. The prophecy stated that during the past years, both Muslims and Christians are starting to make progress in terms of weaponry. Nostradamus said that there will be a nuclear war that will wipe out more than half of the population of the world. It will also leave everything in chaos.

This prediction does not mean that it is already the end of the world because there is still a chance of survival. Most of his predictions also came from the bible. One of the interpretations of his prediction is global climate change or a solar impact on the world that will surely obliterate everything on earth. However, the Bible did not reveal any dates on the prophecy. This is the only difference on the prophecy of Nostradamus and the Bible.

As the date draw closer, people are continuously looking for answers. As of now, there are no clear answers, but there is surely something worth waiting on the said date.