NASA's rover discovered mysterious balls on Mars

NASA's rover Opportunity which is on Mars, has sent photographs of mysterious beads that have puzzled scientists. Unusual formations were found last week in an area which is called Kirkwood, in the western part of the crater Endeavour.

When they saw the pictures with unusual beads on Mars, the scientists initially thought that it was a so-called 'Mars blueberries', which were discovered in year 2004. with the same rover, but experts have found that the diameter and the concentration of iron does not suit to them, writes portal Themoderatevoice.

"This is one of the most unusual photos of the mission. Kirkwood is full of these objects. First we thought it was a case of 'blueberries', but this is something else. We have not seen such dense clusters of spherical objects on Mars before," said lead researcher Steve Squyres from Cornell University. Opportunity checked the composition of detected balls and, says S. Squyres, they look like as soft on the inside and solid on the outside.

"They are different per concentration. They are different in structure. They are different by the composition and coverage. Therefore, in front of us is a fascinating geological puzzle," said Squyres, adding that scientists need more time to find an answer to the question of what exactly is that.

Otherwise, 'Mars' blueberries' are formations that were created by water rich with minerals in the rock. They are proof that Mars was much wetter planet.

I am happy that we can hear new informations. It is nice to know that every day we know more about that planet.