A strange U.F.O. observed over West Oakland in California

In the port city of Oakland (State of California), a strange unidentified flying object has been sighted, in November 12, 2012. A that moment, in yards, situated in neighborhood of West Oakland, sky was cloudless and viewing conditions were perfects.

Here, you can read the comprehensive witness published on UFO Casebook website:

« I was chatting with my neighbor at her back gate, our yards are connected by a wide concrete walkway, and we were just enjoying the weather and shooting the breeze. I felt in awe of the clarity of the day, and just a bit antsy. I didn't know why.

I kept searching the skies, but there was nothing to see but BLUE... but I always look up when I am out. I had just looked up, and looked down, for a minute, then looked back up again...and there was something in the air that was reflecting the sunlight brightly.

It for all the world looked like a piece of paper, but super shiny.

It floated around at bird flight height, or high as a kite, rolling and tumbling like loose paper. My neighbor said, "Oh, that's a kite, see the string?"

I didn't let her get away with that, so I told her more or less, "THERE IS NO STRING ON THAT, AND YOU DON'T SEE ONE!" which she really didn't, and neither did I.

We watched for 2 minutes more silently... and a large regular bird flew underneath it, but the object was much higher than the bird, and bigger, my neighbor quipped up, "It's a bird!"

I asked, "Do you see any wings flapping?" She smiled, and replied, "Nope." She asked me, "What do you think it is?"

Looking at the object again, which would go higher, then come lower, but always tumbling like blowing paper, or a loose leaf, I said, "It looks like a flying sheet of aluminum foil."

There was absolutely NO WIND for this foil sheet to be tumbling from, yet it was coming from a northeasterly direction headed southeasterly.

We had a clear view of it, and watched it sort of pause from moving horizontally, and watched it begin to ascend vertically, because it appeared to get smaller, and when it would descend a little lower it would get larger, but never close enough for us to determine exactly what it was because it was always reflecting the sun... glowing brightly.

After 5 minutes we had to look at it sideways because it was hurting our necks to look straight up.

I told my neighbor, "Ok, I wasn't expecting one, but that's a UFO. It looks thin as foil, but foil cannot fly, and it doesn't look like that is the sun on it, it looks like it is actually glowing on its own. The glow was a white hot yellow color."

When it moved higher over our heads it looked like a twinkling star in the daytime.

It flew out a bit, farther, but not far, and my neighbor said, "LOOK! can you see them? there is more like that one; there are a LOT of them!"

She was right; the sky was now full of glittering stars, and flying foils; roughly about 15-20 of them, but they didn't loiter. They tumbled and glittered past the one we were observing. A lot of them were higher up.

They were going southeasterly as well, and were ascending.

Our foil trailed them a piece, then came back and loitered over our heads tumbling and glowing. When the last of the glitter past overhead, the glowing foil went higher and joined them; in the distance they looked exactly like stars in the daytime.

We watched till it all disappeared.

My neighbor looked at me and I looked at her. We had nothing to say, but when the mass of glitter bits flew by I felt the 'sudden' need to not be so out in the open.

I felt strangely like we were being observed.

One flying low was strange, but had the others come closer down, I would have jumped my neighbor’s gate, and I can't jump; sort of like trying to escape from a swarm of bees, and we would have run into her house. I didn't have to look at her; I could sense her apprehension was equal to mine as well.

The whole sighting took about 15 minutes total.

After nothing more appeared. We stopped watching the skies and went for a walk. Our only mutual comment was "Huh?"

Just a note: When I thought of taking a picture with my cell phone the object seem to purposefully go out of range, then would come back, like it was taunting me. I gave up trying to catch a shot. »