Matthew McConaughey and his experience with a ghost

Matthew David McConaughey is a famous American actor. As many people, the artist has lived a paranormal experience when he was younger.

According to him, the ghost haunted his mansion and he was called “Madame Blue”. He described this appearance during an interview with AskMen :

“When I first moved in, I had a tent and I put it up on the floor of the upstairs bedroom with my sleeping bag and my dog. That’s when I first saw Madame Blue. The first night I’m hearing noises, I’m hearing bass sounds, wood moving, and coyotes…

So, I get up out of the tent with my dog Miss Hud, and I’m running around buck naked and I’ve got a bat so I’m gonna go and investigate. I go downstairs and there’s nothing there. I now know it was here because I have seen her since. She has no qualms with me. She’s a cool ghost. Maybe me being nude all the time is why we get along!”